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Link Building Service

Manually outreaching to blogs

Resource LinkingWith customers looking to diversify their link profile, this will offer you the safest and most natural way to link build, please ask for a demonstration.  

Manual Blogger OutreachBuilding links on blogs has been a proven technique for a number of years, we will give you the option to approve all sites and content for peace of mind

Broken Link BuildingThis is a very safe tactic for aquiring natural links that are off the radar of Google as they look 100% natural

Multilingual Link BuildingWe have been building up contacts with webmasters for 4 years and can build links in any country as long as the language is alphanumerical such as English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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Client Briefing

You let us know what quality blogging you are looking for and we start researching relevant targets

Reseaching Sites

We research sites which we have previously contacted or manually outreach to new target sites

Pitching Content

We pitch content ideas to the site owners and see what targets are interested in publishing

Publishing Content

Once the copy is approved it is sent out to the webmaster to publish when they are ready

Content Preparation

Once we have some interest we write the content based on what is required from the webmaster for you to approve

Client Reporting

So you can see the journey we create a google doc for each order for full transparency at all times


Learn something new


Are you scared of Guest Blogging?

We understand that this has recently been under attack by Google however it is always useful to have a diverse link profile, we only use blogging sites that have a manual content review process and all of these sites have been unaffected by the latest Google updates and we believe is the only way to guest blog safely as referenced by Matt Cutts


What Links should I be building for my site?

If you are asking this common question you are not the only one, we believe Google has always put a significant value on link weight and that is not going to change. There are safe way to build links and spammy ways, I would look at using resource linking, broken link building and high quality blogger outreach


What quality metrics do we use?

Common SEO metrics are domain authority, page authority, page rank, trust flow, citation, SEO visibility by Search Metrics and a wide range of other tools used by iundustry professionals. In todays client we understand that not one of these metrics shows the true quality of a website so we use a number of these metrics collectively


Can you supply content?

We as a company prefer to write the content as we understand the content guidelines of the webmaster we are in contact with, however, we understand that this is not possible for all clients or agencies so if required we can use your content. The content will have to fit to our guidelines but please feel free to discuss this with one of the team.


Can I approve the sites before they are published?

As we know  guest blogging has become the most scaled form of link building currently, with all of the algorithm updates happening constantly client and agencies are being very careful on what and how they build links. For this reason we are happy to share the sites with the clients to make sure we are building the safest guest blog posts possible.


How long does it take to complete the work?

Building high quality guest blogging from a manual outreach perspective can take around 15 to 60 days to get articles live to set your expectation. There are also other factors such as the niche, the webmasters, getting the content right and last but not least, the negotiations.


Are the links permanent?

This is a common question and the answer is we can guarantee the site or page will always be there, this is natural link building and we are looking to build guest blog posts on quality blogs that will stand the test of time, however this is not the case and anyone that tells you otherwise I would be suspicious of.